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2015 Katie.jpg

I'm so thrilled to catch up with Katie the Creative Lady in this special episode of the Scrapbooking Inspiration Podcast.

Katie was a paper scrapbooker from the time she was 14 years old and was happily addicted for more than 20 years. She started digi scrapping in 2005, and has been a contributor to our community with her blog, contributions to the Daily Digi and The Digi Show podcast from 2011-2014.

Listen in as we chat all things digi scrapping and printing!


All the Links

We talked about all kinds of apps and programs, here's the links. Some of them are affiliate links that will support Digital Scrapbooking HQ if you shop with them.

400x400bb Project Life App
400x400bb April

400x400bb Over

400x400bb Diptych

400x400bbRhonna Designs Suite

Katie's Memory Roundup

Adorama Pix layflat books

Katie's Digital Mixed Media

Microsoft Digital Image Pro

Mac Book Pro

Hockey Puck iMac Mouse

Wacom Bamboo Medium


Thanks so much for listening!


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What inspired you to scrapbook? This month, I've been scrapping up a storm with Calvinball and organizing my stash too!



It's a totally fun, totally free, totally silly game for scrapbookers hosted at Get it Scrapped. Learn more here. It starts March 1 but you can jump in at any time.

I even have a podcast about the origins of Calvinball if you are keen!

The Great Stash Bash

Does your scrapbooking need a spring cleaning?

Whether you’re drowning in too much paper, have filled multiple hard drives or just need support to organize your workspace, The Great Stash Bash will help you take real action and see immediate results.

And best of all, it’s free. Runs all March, hosted by Simple Scrapper, learn more here.

I've been inspired by Jennifer Wilson of Simple Scrapper, to share how Photoshop Elements Organizer can make organizing easy.

I'm answering your organizing questions and sharing how you can let your computer do the heavy lifting for you... and best of all I'm sharing it all on YouTube for free.

Watch the videos here and let me know what you'd like to see me cover next in the comments.

Happy organizing!




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Have you ever looked in your downloads folder to see oodles of zip files? Here's the scrapbook supply workflow I use to keep my supplies organized!Have you ever looked in your downloads folder to see oodles of zip files containing who-knows-what gorgeous scrapbooking supplies?

Don't you just wish there was an easier way to manage your supplies so you can spend more time scrapbooking?

Here's the workflow I use to keep my supplies organized:

  1. Download and unzip them all in one step into my Digi folder (without doing anything more)
  2. PSE Organizer imports them automatically with the watched folders feature
  3. Add some kits to albums for themes you often use (Christmas, for example)
  4. Tag specific items you commonly search for
  5. Use the advanced search features to find the supplies you need

How do you manage your supplies?

If you need some help,  Get Organized: Supplies will teach you the quick and easy way to get your supplies under control. Inside Get Organized: Supplies there's a worksheet to help you decide what organizing system will work for you and I'll walk you through the process step by step. Tame that shopping addiction and use all the beautiful products you've purchased with GetOrganized: Supplies.

Happy Organizing
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Thank you for being part of the Digital Scrapbooking HQ community.

I’ve been taking some time the past few weeks to plan what 2018 will look like and I can't wait to share it all with you! Some things are still in the planning stages, but I can share some of the fun that will be happening in the coming months!
You can look forward to some new things:
And more of what we already do!
During the year, I also promote some wonderful projects and classes from around the scrapbooking and photography world.
Layout a Day with Alice Boll and the Scrap Happy Family is the next event I'll be part of and I will be sharing more about that very soon.
What are your plans for 2018?
All the best for a year filled with happy scrapping!


PS Welcome Banner from the Daily Digi (no longer available, sorry).

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Preview episodes:
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It's time for another episode of my favorite things! In this season of the Scrapbooking Inspiration Podcast I'm sharing my favorite tools, programs and communities for scrapbooking.

Today, Alice Boll joins me to talk about ScrapHappy.

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Today I'm going to talk to you all about Photoshop Elements Organizer! Listen in to learn more about Organizing for Absolute Beginners! #digiscrap #scrapbookingToday I'm going to talk to you all about Photoshop Elements Organizer! If you've been around here awhile you know how much I love Photoshop Elements Organizer. I have a brand new class that takes you through the most basic steps of how to use Photoshop Elements Organizer from the very beginning. Listen in to learn more about Organizing for Absolute Beginners!


Show Notes

  • Organizing for Absolute Beginners has 8 modules and it takes you through everything from understanding how Organizer works, to getting your photos printed or doing a slide show.
  • The class has high quality videos that show you exactly what to do.
  • If you've always put of organizing your photos you are actually in luck! It will be easier to start now that technology has finally count up.
  • You are able to customize how your photos are stored on your hard drive. Create folders that make sense to you and how you organize.
  • In this class we'll cover automated organizing. Organizer monitors the new files that you have imported. You can automate the downloads with Photo Downloader or you can have it watch the folders for new photos.
  • Are you familiar with Face Recognition? It is awesome! PSE is one of the first products that implemented Face Recognition. You can use it along with your contacts and FB friends list. It makes it so easy to tag people.
  • Photoshop Elements Organizer now has Smart Tags. It can look at your photos and see that it has a rose, or a kangaroo, or you're playing golf. It adds those tags automatically to your photo.
  • You can also get an interactive map of where you've taken your photos.
  • You can still organize your photos by the date they were taken, which many people still love to do.
  • PSE Organizer has visual similarity searches. Find one photo and then do a search to find all the photos in your library that are similar.
  • Now Organizer can find your best photos with the Curate feature. If you have a folder of photos Organizer can suggest which photos are the best.

Today I'm going to talk to you all about Photoshop Elements Organizer! Listen in to learn more about Organizing for Absolute Beginners! #digiscrap #scrapbooking

Top Tip

Photoshop Elements is still available as a single purchase and then you use it for as long as you want to. No need to pay monthly or yearly fees. Get your free trial of Photoshop Elements today!


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Have you attended a slide evening recently? Do you own movie projector? No, me neither! Technology that we once used to capture memories is becoming less common, but most of us have still got precious memories stored in old fashioned formats. This is where Forever Media Conversion can help.

I was excited to see this service, but it's not yet available in Australia, where I live. I asked Monica Bradford, fellow memory keeper and Big Picture Classes teacher, to try it out and share her experience with the Digital Scrapbooking HQ community. Monica has been working with me on customer support and is a contributing writer here at Digital Scrapbooking HQ.  Read on to see some of the gems Monica uncovered thanks to a little help from Forever.

Listen in as we chat to about the process and some of the gems she uncovered.

You can see Monica's full review here.


Take a Look at Forever

Create a new, FREE Forever account here. Then download the mobile app for Android or Apple and play around with your account to see its potential.

As an example, take a look at the album I am using to store all my scrapbook layouts from 2017.

Save on Forever Storage in August

25% off storage for August with code AUG2017



Forever guarantee

Free trial of Forever



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Karen Fitting from Photos Kept Alive joins me to talk about a guaranteed, future-proof storage solution for your photos.

Karen calls herself a digi-scrapbooker but enjoys hybrid projects combining digital and traditional styles. At Photos Kept Alive she shares her crafty projects as well as helps her customers with “all things photos” – including video transfer, scanning, scrapbooking and weekend events. What she loves most is listening to the stories that go with the pictures. Karen lives in Northern California with her husband and Cocker Spaniel-child.

Listen in as we talk about the only service that is truly a safe storage solution for your photos.


Take a Look at Forever

Create a new, FREE Forever account here. Then download the mobile app for Android or Apple and play around with your account to see its potential.

As an example, take a look at the album I am using to store all my scrapbook layouts from 2017.

Save on Forever Storage in August

25% off storage for August with code AUG2017



Forever guarantee

Reply All #71 The Picture Taker

Free trial of Forever



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It's time for another season of the Scrapbooking Podcast! This episode marks the beginning of a new series all about my favorite tools and techniques for all things scrapbooking. It's probably no surprise the first episode will be covering Photoshop Elements.

Listen in as I declare my undying love for Photoshop Elements!


My apologies for the audio on this episode, I will try to improve this in future podcasts. But I think you'll still find the information helpful.

Photoshop Elements Links and Notes

Buy Photoshop Elements

Start with a class!

Which one is you?

Why you will love Photoshop Elements

  • In the Organizer Adobe has paid attention to how people like to organize. They like to know who is in the photo, where it was taken, and what they were doing.
    • Face Recognition is now faster, and more user-friendly.
    • Places View is also improved. With so many cell phone photos the GPS location is included in the meta data of those photos. That data is automatically added to the map in Places View
    • The Events Room using a sorting algorithm that looks for clusters of photos that were taken around the same date and time. That helps you quickly create an event inside the organizer.
  • Photoshop Elements Editor has a diverse audience, as far as skill set goes. To address this PSE has the Expert Mode, Guided Edit Mode, and the Quick Edit Mode.
    • In Quick Edit Mode you can apply instant effects to your photos. Similar to Instagram. With Smart Looks the photo is analyzed and you get the top 5 effects that will look best with that particular photo.
    • In Guided Edit Mode they added 2 new edits. First one is Resize. This will allow you to resize for printing or resize for the web. The second one is Speed which makes it really easy to add a motion blur to your photo.
    • In Expert Mode several new features were added. One really popular one is the Haze Remover. The moisture in the air is captured and can become hazy in the distance. This feature can determine which parts of the photo are hazy and which parts are not, and removes the haze. Shake reduction was also added. This feature will help turn your shaky selfie into a steady shot.
  • You pay once and use it forever!
  • There's lots of help around here for PSE users.

Comments with your questions!

I'd love to help you with your scrapping dilemmas so leave me a comment and I'll try to cover a tool or technique that will help you in an upcoming episode.


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